3 words: Sun, Tan, Beach

So you’re probably wondering what to do?? In my opinion, the place is more of a beach resort town than anything. The best time of the year to be at Gold Coast is when all the high school/college students are there for the summer.

Besides that, it pretty much is dead and not as fun as you might think. I visited during the beginning of June, and basically the things you can do are the beach, nightclubs, and shopping mainly.


FOOD!! This is the where you can get some good cultural foods (sorry the picture sucks). Closer to the beach, you’ll find a McDonald’s (Maccas), Hungry Jack, Starbucks, etc. But you can find food anywhere!

To the BEACH!!




Iconic Surfer’s Paradise sign



This reminds me of a pack of dogs eagerly waiting for a dog treat


And this is the guy behind all of this. At one point, he was able to get them to land on his head.


Poor seagull only had one leg


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