To the Strip We Go

Now this is how to get to the actual boulevard (Surfer’s Paradise boulevard)

When leaving the terminal, the best route to arrive at the strip known as SURFER’S PARADISE is to take the bus, route 702. The bus stop is outside the airport on the street. Right across from the domestic arrival gate.

Once you leave the airport doors, cross the street to the strip of area b/w the airport and a parking lot. Somewhere around there will be the stop. You can pay for the bus fare directly to the bus driver, but remember to tell him where you’re going so he can give you the right fare.

The airport is quite far from the main hub bub boulevard so just sit tight and relax. When you’re going to the boulevard, the ocean would be on your right, a couple blocks down.


Backpackers in Paradise was the cheapest hostel. It provides opportunities to meet people since it’s a very sociable hostel. Everyday they provide parties to the different nightclubs in the area, but you have to pay a fee for it. It’s very much a party atmosphere with a pool, full bar, ping pong table, and pool table.

If you’re more of a quiet person, this is probably not a good fit. They have beds of about 6 per room, sometimes smaller. During the wintertime, it gets pretty cold in the rooms (they don’t have heat & provide a thin bedsheet as a blanket).

It’s a couple blocks away from the ocean, across the main highway (don’t worry people, there’s stop lights so you wouldn’t have to dodge traffic). The walking wasn’t bad at all, maybe 20 minutes or so. It’s pretty close to the bus station though, which is on the main highway (great when you’re late and have to catch the bus). One bathroom for 6 people and there’s a kitchen but it closes around 21:00 or 22:00.


View of the street to the beach/highway at night


And during the day


Bus station’s cool artwork


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