Welcome To Alice Springs

Welcome to Northern Territory.

Alice Springs is the town closest to Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Which makes this a pit stop for many tourists before heading off into the desert.


By plane of course. To get there, I took tiger airways, which was the cheapest. However flights were limited to certain days and only one time…probably because I went during late fall to early winter. You can drive but remember to stock up on fuel, water, and food.


The airport is by far one of the smallest airports that I have ever seen. When you get out of the gate and head towards the arrival hall and doors to the outside, you’ll be in the same area as the airline desks. Right before you go past the doors to the outside, on your right you will see car rental companies. You can rent a car if you want to drive to the national park.

But if you don’t, on the right still you will see a booth near the wall of windows ( near it is a luggage conveyor belt). This is the airport shuttle. If you head towards this, you can arrange and pay for a shuttle ride to your accommodation. If your accommodation can pick you up, go ahead with that.

But if not then all you need is:

  1. name of your accommodation
  2. Money –> this will most likely cost around 20 AUD one way.

Ask about a return trip to the airport as well.


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