We’re Going To Annie’s Place


I stayed at Annie’s Place hostel. They have a pool, kitchen, restaurant, and bar scene. The hostel is a great place to meet travelers and drink. It was probably the place to be for a drink. They have heat in their rooms which is a definite PLUS especially in the wintertime. They also include a somewhat thick blanket (also a plus). The room I stayed in had a bathroom attached but the sink was in the main room, so it would disturb people sleeping. But if you go outside, there was a bathroom next door. They kept the doors open all night, so dress warmly before going to the bathroom (in winter). Breakfast is free but only happens during a certain period in the morning.

The hostel has their own Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park 3 day camping trip with the people living at the hostel. So you have the option of doing their trip or another company’s trip.

Overall as a place to sleep before going off to the national park, Annie’s Place was not half bad. This hostel has a seal of approval from me!!


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