We’re Off To Brisbane

For anyone who is in Surfer’s Paradise trying to get to Brisbane, I can help you with that.


If you’re staying at the hostel that I mentioned earlier, the bus station is really close. You just need to cross the Gold Coast Highway. The bus stop would be on the right side of the building. I took a Greyhound from Gold Coast to Brisbane for 20 AUD. When you arrive in Brisbane, you’ll get dropped off at Brisbane Transit Centre (171 Roma Street).

For people just passing through but still want to explore the city, the bus station has lockers where you can drop off your stuff. They’re located on the ground floor. Note: the machine for the lockers only accepts coins, no paper money, and I don’t think they accept very small coins either (I could be wrong on this though).

Now I’m going to transition to advice for anyone to use.


Like any other city, they have a metro and bus system. For the metro and I think the bus as well, you can get metro cards for visitors. Just go up to any customer service desks at a major metro station and ask for a visitor metro card. They’ll ask you how much you want to put in the card. The good thing about this card is that when you’re done using it, just return it to any customer service desk and they’ll give you back the money left on the card.


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