Luxury Layovers in Istanbul

In an earlier post, I had said I got the chance to travel on Turkish Airlines. Fortunately for me, I had a long layover in Istanbul (about 16 hours).

Like what any backpacker would do, I prepared myself for a night at the airport. But what I didn’t realize was that since I wasn’t changing airlines (Turkish Airlines all the way), the airline offers free complimentary hotel rooms for long layovers. Plus you get free transport from the airport to the hotel and back = more money in your pocket

Finding the Turkish Airlines hotel desk was more difficult than it should have been though. You would think the desk is inside the terminal. WRONG! You have to leave the arrival hall and go towards where the public are. Then take a right, heading towards Starbucks at the end. The desk will be on your right.

This is what you’ll see around the hotel desk.


And this is the hotel desk.


Have your boarding pass and passports on hand.



Since you’ll be stepping out of the terminal, you’ll have to go through immigration. Fortunately, visas are available on arrival for 15 euros or 20 USD. You can buy one across from immigration.



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