WOW hotel in Istanbul

After checking in at the Turkish Airlines hotel desk, I was driven to the designated hotel:

WOW Airport hotel 

Of course it wasn’t anything fancy – close to the airport and a three star hotel. The name was a bit peculiar though. It does have a more fancy and expensive sister next door though named WOW Istanbul hotel.

This is what the hotel looks like on the outside.

IMG_0140 IMG_0143 IMG_0141


So nothing too special at all on the outside. It’s close to Burger King and other restaurants for those late night snacks. Of course I had pretty low expectations – I wasn’t expecting much.

But what I found inside shocked me.

It was surprisingly nice, clean, polished, decent inside – absolutely nothing like what I expected.

Here are some photos of my room.


What did I tell you, pretty nice right?

Although, the one downside was there wasn’t any wifi in the room, and the only place to get wifi was in the hotel lobby. It’s free though.

USEFUL TIP: To turn on the lights or keep them on, you have to put your key card into the white box next to the door.



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