Bucket List To Aspire Toward

This is THE list of places and countries on that same poster that inspired me to travel. I have included the countries, cities, and sights that I have gone to and have yet to go to. As you can see, I am coming along pretty nicely. If you have been to any of the places that I still need to go to, I would love to get some tips from you or look at your pictures.

101 Places to See Before I Die

  1. Po Lin Monastery, Lantau Island
  2. Eglise de Notre Dame, Brugge, Belgium
  3. Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda
  4. Great Barrier Reef, Australia
  5. Eiffel Tower, Paris
  6. Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  7. Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia
  8. Old Town, Havana, Cuba
  9. Bagan, Burma
  10. Bondi Beach, Australia
  11. Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia
  12. Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  13. The Coliseum, Rome
  14. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
  15. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
  16. Maharajas Palace, Mysore, India
  17. Auckland, New Zealand
  18. Ksar of Ait Ben Haddon, Ouarzazate, Morocco
  19. Bora Bora, French Polynesia
  20. Big Ben, London
  21. Maldives, Indian Ocean
  22. Mount Kilimanjaro, Kenya
  23. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  24. Charles Bridge, Prague
  25. Ibiza, Baleric Islands, Spain
  26. St. Tropez, Cote D’Azur, France
  27. La Cite Carcassonne, Aude, Languedoc-Roussillon, France
  28. Hollywood sign, Hollywood, California, U.S.A.
  29. Death Valley, Nevada, U.S.A
  30. Great Wall of China
  31. Soi Cowboy, Bangkok
  32. Grand Canyon, Arizona
  33. Cape Town, South Africa
  34. Tiananmen Square, China
  35. Old City, Jerusalem, Israel
  36. Shanghai, China
  37. Amsterdam, Holland
  38. Erg Chebbi, Merzouga, Tafi La Let, Morocco
  39. Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain
  40. Wat Arun Temple, Bangkok, Thailand
  41. Angel Waterfalls, Venezuela
  42. Sun Temple Of Ramses II, Abu Simbel, Egypt
  43. Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt
  44. Millau Viaduct, France
  45. The Vatican, Vatican City, Italy
  46. London Eye, London, UK
  47. Tulum Beach, Cancun, Mexico
  48. Taj Mahal, India
  49. Persepolis, Iran
  50. Old Town Stockholm, Sweden
  51. Times Square, New York
  52. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Iraq
  53. Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy
  54. Half Penny Bridge, Dublin, Ireland
  55. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
  56. Casa del Adivino, Yucatan, Mexico
  57. St. Sophia Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey
  58. Stonehenge, UK
  59. Giant’s Causeway, Ireland
  60. Uluru/Ayers Rock, Australia
  61. Old Town, Copenhagen, Denmark
  62. Statue of Liberty, New York
  63. Moai Statues, Easter Island
  64. Darwins Arch, Galapagos Islands
  65. Amalfi Coast, Italy
  66. Grand Central Station, New York City, U.S.A
  67. Geysers, Arnseeysla, Iceland
  68. St. Mark’s Square, Venice
  69. Shoal Bay, Anguilla, Caribbean
  70. Santorini, Greece
  71. Acropolis, Greece
  72. Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, U.S.A
  73. South Beach, Miami, U.S.A
  74. Verbier, Valais, Switzerland
  75. Golden Temple, Amritsar, Punjab, India
  76. Mount Fuji, Kyoto, Japan
  77. Gapstow Bridge, Central Park, New York
  78. Bixby Bridge, Route 1, Big Sur, California, U.S.A
  79. French Quarter, New Orleans, U.S.A
  80. Shinjuku district, Tokyo, Japan,
  81. Yoshino Mountain, Japan
  82. Glitter Gulch, Las Vegas
  83. East Side Gallery, Remains of the Berlin Wall, Germany
  84. Vagator Beach, Goa
  85. Niagara Falls, Canada
  86. Venice Beach, California, U.S.A
  87. Table Mountain, Cape Town
  88. Petra, Jordan
  89. The Northern Lights, Lapland
  90. Red Square, Moscow, Russia
  91. The 12 apostles, Great Ocean Road, Australia
  92. Grand Mosque, Mecca, Saudi Arabia
  93. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland
  94. Bridge of Sighs, Venice, Italy
  95. Mount Everest, Himalayas
  96. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, U.S.A
  97. Fjords, Norway
  98. CN Tower, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  99. Brasvell Glacier, Nordaustlandet, Norway
  100. Machu Picchu, Urubamba Valley, Peru
  101. The MOON

Places I’ve Been = 30

Places I Need To Go To = 71


4 thoughts on “Bucket List To Aspire Toward

  1. Wow! This is an ambitious list!! That you’ve already been to 30 and are still in university is impressive. 🙂 We’ve been to a lot of places on your list and so many of them are worthy of a visit, but if I was going to choose one place to prioritize, I think it would be Havana, Cuba…simply because I think it’s in a huge transition right now, and the Cuba of today will not be the same as the Cuba in 2 years time…

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